Spaghetti Western Meets Star Wars In The Twelve Parsec Stare

There’s always been a solid connection between Westerns and the Star Wars films, but this latest fan film is a nice combination of the two. Boba Fett tracking people down in the Outer Rim badlands? Yes please.


The other day, we were musing about the Star Wars films that we really wanted to see, but we seem to have missed a literal Western.


This works so well: Boba Fett has had some solid western connections, with Jeremy Bulloch basing his own performance on Clint Eastwood’s work in A Fist Full of Dollars. It’s nice to see what that looks like in a very literal sense.

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Now I want to see a Star Wars version of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, with Fett as Eastwood, Bossk as Tuco, and IG-88 as Lee Van Cleef. Bossk would be calling Fett “Mandy,” and saying things like, “Mandy, there’s two types of sentients in the universe: the ones in Imperial prison, and the ones with thermal detonators.”