Even the littlest dogs dream of going to space, and in SoftBank's commercial series, one actually does. The spacesuited pooch encounters some strange things while floating in the void of space, including mysterious bowls of ramen and Santa Claus.

Hokkaido dog Otosan ("Father") is the mascot of telecom company SoftBank, and in these commercials, he plays the head of the otherwise human Shirato family. One night, while gazing up into the stars, Otosan hears real-life astronaut Satoshi Furukawa ask him if he wants to go to space. Naturally, he does, and soon he's wearing a spacesuit with a special section for his tail.

The commercials are in Japanese, and YouTube's translation captions are iffy at best, but even in another language, they're bound to add a some strange happiness to your weekend. If anyone does speak Japanese, though, I'd love to know what Otosan's family is saying while he's away, and what the deal is with the flying ramen bowls.


[via The Uniblog]