Spaceballs' Animated Return May Mean That G4 Hates Us

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Of all the science fiction movies to find themselves given new life on television, why did G4 choose Mel Brooks' anemic Star Wars parody Spaceballs? And why has the series - now slated to begin next weekend - taken so long to make it to screen? We look at the show's history, as well as a trailer that will make you wish that they'd gone with The Last Starfighter instead.The series - a 13-episode animated version of Mel Brooks' comedy, with a pilot co-written by Brooks and Thomas Meehan, who wrote the original movie and voice cast including original cast Brooks, Joan Rivers and Daphne Zuniga - began in 2005 as a project from Brooks' production company, before a 2006 announcement that G4 would have the exclusive rights. The original premiere date was given as a somewhat vague "Fall 2007," that was later changed without reason to June 1st, 2008, before finally getting shifted again to September 21st, 2008. Whatever the reason for the delay, it wasn't that the show wasn't ready; G4's reluctance to release the show meant that it's been beaten to its own exclusive by Canada's Super Channel, which started showing the series in June. Of course, when you see the trailer, you would be forgiven for thinking that G4 saw the footage and wondered if it was too breast-obsessed even for them: The show premieres on G4 next Sunday at 5pm. At Ludicrous Speed Or In Painstaking Slow Motion!! Behold the Orb-Centric Promo For SPACEBALLS: THE ANIMATED SERIES!! [Ain't It Cool]


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Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I didn't find the movie funny at all, so the boobs are a welcome addition. But seriously, does anyone really think Mel Brooks style humor wouln't get just out right tedious week-to-week? I know I find it tedious for the 1.5 hours of each of this movies.