The Soviet Union had some problems, but one thing they got right was space art. That's why there's nothing better than this gallery of adorable and awe-inspiring postcards from the USSR, looking at our future life in outer space.

Times Are Changing, designed by Ivan Semyonov, 1958

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Glory to Soviet science!, 1959

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Discovering other planets, by Ivan Semyonov, 1959

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Luna 2 has just arrived

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Day of Cosmonautics, designed by I. Iskrinskaya, 1960s

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Belka, Strelka, Chernushka and Zvyozdochka conquer outer space! Hooray!

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The person who doesn't collect scrap metal won't be getting to the Moon, designed by A. Dudnikov, 1960

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A New Years greeting card with Belka and Strelka, 1960

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Lunar landing, 1961

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Space Santa is coming!

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Our triumph in space is a hymn to the land of the Soviets, designed by V. Viktorov, 1963

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Space Fantasy, a postcard set by A. Sokolov, 1963

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Thank you, Unknown Young Soviet Astronaut, for saving Christmas!, 1965

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Happy New Year!

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Meteor Shower, 1966

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To the Holiday!, an October Revolution card from 1966, with the Aurora battleship and Luna 9

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The Space Jet Ski Santa wishes you a Happy New Year!

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Ded Moroz, riding a Red Star

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A Lunakhod transporting a Christmas tree, 1971

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Happy new Year!

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Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on a space chariot, 1987

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