​"Space Sushi" Is The New Meme You Never Realized You Were Waiting For

Just when we thought that the raw-fish photoshop genre had peaked with Sushi Cats, our faith in human creativity is restored with Space Sushi — a growing collection of online images that envision a cosmos where California rolls swarm across galaxies and yellowfin tuna orbits distant stars.

The Twitter account @SpaceSushiPic, a project of the NSSA (National Sushi and Space Administration), has seen an explosion of popularity in the last month, accumulating nearly 20,000 followers. The images range from over-the-top silly to the almost serene, such as flocks (pods? schools?) of raw fish that are evocative of the deep-space life forms that have populated many a science fiction novel or TV show.


See more images at @SpaceSushiPic.

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