Space Nazi Movie Finally Launches Into Production

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You've seen the stunning Nazi Moon base concept art, watched the teaser and fantasized about the star. But when will the lunar Nazi epic Iron Sky finally get made? Right now.


Iron Sky, the film about a secret Nazi Arctic base that launched a team of astro-nazis to the dark side of the moon during WW2, who have been quietly waiting until 2018 to strike, is moving into production. According to YLE, the creators of Star Wrek are ready to roll.

Producers will begin filming the Iron Sky feature film in Frankfurt next spring, and they hope to have the movie finished by the end of 2010...
Iron Sky has around five million euros to play around with. This means they can build real sets.

Fantastic, and perfect for the holidays. We cannot wait to see more from this crew, especially with a screenplay by Tiptree Award-winning author Johanna Sinisalo (Troll: A Love Story).


The teaser trailer reminded me of the bastard love child of Norman Spinrad's The Iron Dream and Robert A. Heinlein's Rocket Ship Galileo.