Space Jam 2 Has Found a New Director in Malcolm D. Lee

Bugs and Lola Bunny.
Bugs and Lola Bunny.
Image: Warner Bros.

Though pre-production for Warner Bros.’ long-awaited Space Jam sequel began earlier this summer, the movie’s going through a rather significant shakeup behind the scenes.


Deadline reports that director Malcolm D. Lee is now heading Space Jam 2 in place of Terence Nance, who bowed out of the project over creative differences with the studio about the film’s story. Lee comes to the film relatively fresh off the success of Girls Trip, Night School, and HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness, meaning he’s got the comedy chops to helm a story like Space Jambut whether the sequel’s still something audiences are interested in seeing remains to be seen.

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Is Malcolm D Lee the non union equivalent of Spike Lee?

Also who is going to be the new villain headed super team?

Hopefully not Kawhi Leonard.