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Space is big. Really really big, and despite science fiction stories that rely on interstellar travel, in all likelihood, we’re probably never going to colonize the stars. Over on Boing Boing, Kim Stanley Robinson outlines why Earth will be our only home.


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This “FTL is simply not going to happen” seems ignorant nonsense to me. Yes, there is a universal speed limit. No, we don’t currently know of a way to go faster. That being said there are already experiments into warp bubbles to check if we can’t use loopholes to not travel faster than light but still arrive at our destination in a timeframe that’s shorter than it would if we were traveling at the speed of light. Whether that will lead to anything is a mysterie still, but even so...

This preclusion of FTL happening is like a medieval journalist looking at alchemists and concluding that no gold wil ever be produced by man because it’s impossible. Ok, fine, alchemy won’t produce gold, but in the centuries following fusion and fission allows us to create gold if we’d want to. New science and new branches of science pop up and you’re just stupid to presume that because our current understanding makes something impossible that that something will be impossible forever...