Space Horror And Marvel Superheroes Rule This Week's Comics

It's not the busiest of weeks in terms of new comics, with Marvel pretty much dominating new launches, and alien horrors both old and new making a comeback. There may not be many, but these are still comics we crave.

With the exception of Image Comics' Dead Space: Extraction special issue (tying in with the upcoming videogame from EA) and Harris' latest revival of Vampirella (Called, somewhat incorrectly, Vampirella: The Second Coming), Marvel Comics really owns the single issue market this week when it comes to new launches of interest.


From Marvel, there are the latest special issues in the ongoing Dark Reign storyline (Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus or Dark Reign: The List: The Avengers). And then there's the launch of Marvel's latest Orson Scott Card adaptation (Ender's Game: Command School). Or even the surprise launch of a new series starring the sidekick of an alternate Earth Captain America (Nomad: Girl Without A World).

Besides Marvel, there's not really that much else for superhero fans looking for a first issue this week (Okay, there is DC Comics' The Shield, which is gritty Captain America from an idea by J. Michael Straczynski... but still).

(Actually, if you're looking for something superhero-ish and none of the above sound promising, I'd direct your attention to the seventh issue of DC's Superman: World Of New Krypton, which begins its second half with what looks like the slow march to war between Earth and Superman's new adopted home planet, offering as much fun politicking as it does fisticuffs. But that's just me.)


In terms of collections, it's actually fairly evenly split: IDW has Astro Boy Movie Prequel: Underground, allowing you to catch up on your robot Pinocchio before next month's movie.

Meanwhile, DC's Gotham Central Vol. 2: Jokers and Madmen offers up easily the best Joker story in comics in the last decade alongside some other, equally good, stories about Batman's hometown police force.


Rebellion puts out Strontium Dog: Traitor To His Kind, which reboots the 2000AD franchise back into fine shape courtesy of the character's creators. (Short version: He's a time-traveling mutant bounty hunter in the far future. His partner is a Viking. Surely that's all you need to know.)

And Marvel again, may have grabbed the win with Marvel Superhero Team-Up, the disappointingly-renamed (It was originally Marvel Bromance) anthology of male bonding stories from the company's long and rich history. Mickey and Donald would be proud.


As ever, the complete list of comics reaching your local stores this week can be found here before you decide to purchase your picks at your local comic store. Look on the bright side: Such a light week this week just lets you save up for all the goodies still to come next week.

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