Oh those crazy Battlestar Galactica survivorsand their wild sex parties. It seems like nothing gets them hotter than the near-total annihilation of the human race. The BSG "yearbook" that the cast and crew received at the show's wrap party includes a "frak tree" showing who's had sex with whom. You can't see it, because it contains spoilers for the show's final episodes. But brilliant fan Crazyvictoria compiled her own glorious version. Plus there's a peek inside the BSG yearbook with LEGO and Simpsonized BSG characters.So far, we've only gotten to see a glimpse of one call sheet from the actual yearbook, and now someone has leaked a shot of the BSG characters in LEGO and Simpson form.


But seriously — what happens when the crew runs out of protection? I need futuristic safer sex explained. Also I can't believe that I almost forgot that Starbuck hooked up with Baltar (and called him Lee in the sack.) Kobol's Last Gleaming was a great two-parter. [Crazy Victoria and GDG]