You haven't heard cheesy science-fiction dialogue delivered with total aplomb until you've watched this snippet of Beach Babes From Beyond, in which the eponymous Beach Babes steal their daddy's Space T-Bird and fly to the forbidden planet... Earth.


Dialogue gems from the above snippet include: "Boys are like from another planet." "Can't live with 'em, can't disintegrate 'em with a Gamma death ray." "Let's do something." "Like go to Astro Burger? Delta Miniature Golf?" "Let's cruise the forbidden solar system. Are there boys there?"

This is the sort of movie where they take verbatim terrible B-movie dialogue and add "Space" in front of it. The rest of the movie is about them landing on Earth and entering a bikini contest to save some old surfer dude from being evicted, and blah blah blah. But the best bit is above, when they're wearing their "outer space fashions" including weird puffy silver lame sleeves. [IMDB]

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