Space Force's First Trailer Is Funny Until You Realize How Close to Reality It Is

Noted mess Steve Carell as as General Mark R. Naird.
Noted mess Steve Carell as as General Mark R. Naird.
Image: Netflix
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The concept of the U.S. Government establishing a new branch of the military just to muck about in space is patently funny on its face, but the more you think about it, the more depressing it becomes because it’s a dumb waste of taxpayer dollars...regardless of how many UFOs we think we’ve seen.

Space Force’s first trailer is a testament to the truly ludicrous times we’re living thing—times that make so little sense that comedic sendups of reality almost feel unreal because of how wild they are. It also feels weird to see a full-on advertisement for a workplace comedy this way because there are so many of us who quite literally can’t go to a work place right this moment.


And yet, what makes the new trailer work (aside from an ersatz AOC) is that the creative team behind the show never lost sight of the fact that our reality itself has become an existential which we try to get into space.

Space Force launches onto Netflix on May 29.

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I can see Space Force in real life if we did not already have Air Force handling it.

Creation of another branch adds a whole separate command structure (more people steering, less people rowing).  It also fractures resources...