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We are excited to see what kind of interstellar weirdness comes out of Space Dandy, the new animated series directed by Cowboy Bebop director Shinichirō Watanabe that is coming to Adult Swim. But in the new English-dubbed trailer, we finally get to hear Dandy speak—and it's largely about his love for boobs.


There were a lot of bouncing breasts in the first couple of Space Dandy trailers, and it looks like Dandy's visit to what commenter beauty-and-the-building aptly termed Space Hooters is a big part of the show's marketing. There may very well be a self-aware, parodic aspect to Dandy's constant drooling over the female form—and hopefully there will be some female characters who exist for reasons other than to set Dandy's saliva flowing (Scarlet, Dandy's overseer, appears quite smartly dressed at least over on the Space Dandy cast page.)—but the marketing is giving me pause. On the whole, though, these trailers continue to look like crazy fun with plenty of action and alien eye-candy.


Update: Adult Swim VP Jason DeMarco, who runs the Toonami programming block, tweeted this in response to this post and the comments:

[via Bleeding Cool]


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