Spa with Sis or Save the World from Nuke-Nutty North Korea?

Speculation runs rampant that tonight's episode, the last in the can before the writer's strike, will also be the last ever for the troubled Bionic Woman. As the show opens, Jaime and the Berkut gang are down at the corner tavern holding an old-fashioned wake for Antonio. "I slept with him once. It was amazing," says Ruth, apres de a bunch of booze. Well. Apparently she's NOT gay, thus ending another bit of internet hypothesizing as well as a potentially interesting storyline.

Cut to Jaime chasing a motorcycle-riding bad guy with ridiculous blond dreadlocks. After he performs several gratuitous wheelies, Jaime knocks him off his bike and whacks him upside the head. When he complains, she tells him to save it for somebody who cares. Says Nathan, who's watched the whole chase through Jaime's eyes, "She's totally PMS-ing." This explains what's wrong with the show in one simple sentence. Jaime starts acting like she's PROGRAMMED to, and Nathan blames it on her hormones—because, of course, an angry woman can only be the result of the imminent arrival of the crazy-making Little Visitor. Certainly, Jaime acting tough is an anomaly: when Jonas later tells her to off the guy who's ready to kill her so he can sell nuclear secrets to those evil North Koreans, she can't do it—especially because he's got his son with him.

The rest of the plot revolves around the standard "Jaime tries to balance work and home" hijinks, this time transported to a spa in Montana (which, for a lodge supposed to be in the middle of nowhere, seems as busy as the local Holiday Inn hosting a self-improvement seminar). Should she tell Becca about her bionics? Jaime decides not to. Will she ever? We may never know.


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