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South Park to Inception: just because it's complicated doesn't mean it's cool

Illustration for article titled South Park to Inception: just because its complicated doesnt mean its cool

South Park manages to slip in an Inception spoof right under the wire. While we agree that an overly complex plot does not necessarily make something interesting, we're much more impressed that they managed to fit Freddy Krueger in.


Here's a particularly profound clip from the mayhem:

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PARKStan Marsh,Mr. Mackey,more...

You can watch the entire episode "Insheeption" (with the Freddy cameo) at South Park Studios.

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Inception, as a plot, wasn't very complicated. It just tried to be intentionally confusing, much like "Memento" did.

And that's fine, I guess, since that was sort of the point of both films, to sort of screw with the audience's expectations, in this case by numbing their perceptions through confusing signals.

In any case, I thought it was a fine film. Not really anything, y'know, that mind-blowing, to be honest, but it was fun.