Sounds Like the Legends of Tomorrow Will Meet a Brand New Green Arrow

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In the DC comics, Connor Hawke is the son of Oliver Queen and the successor to the mantle (and bow) of Green Arrow. Now Connor Hawke will be making his debut in DC’s TV-verse thanks to the upcoming series Legends of Tomorrow, but it doesn’t sound as though Ollie’s going to be his daddy.

Advertisement discovered Legends was casting for “an African-American or biracial male,” which spurred the idea it was Connor, as he’s biracial in the comics. Warner Bros confirmed the character’s identity, but elaborated however Hawke appears in the show he “will not be the son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke.”

This is interesting, as Oliver already has an illegitimate son in the TV-verse, one that he has no idea about; viewers were recently reminded about the kid’s existence in The Flash season one episode “Flash Vs. Arrow.” The obvious choice would be for the time-traveling Legends to visit the future where this kid has become Green Arrow like his father... except that the kid we’ve been shown is purely Caucasian.

So how will Connor Hawke, unrelated to Oliver Queen, fit into this world? Thanks to all the Earth-2 shenanigans going on in The Flash, he could be the Arrow of another part of the multiverse, he could be a hero further in the future (Ollie’s grandson, maybe?) or something else entirely. Whatever the answer, hopefully the TV version of Connor will have a happier life than his comic counterpart, who’s spent his time comatose, injected with Plastic-Man’s DNA and forced to fight the corpse of Oliver before getting banished to Earth-2 in the New 52.

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Yeah, cause weird future babies named Connor always turn out *great*