Sorry Shippers, Mulder and Scully Aren't Together in the New X-Files

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Love is dead. Or at least abducted by aliens. According to Entertainment Weekly, the returning show is going to turn the clock back on Mulder and Scully’s relationship. I’m more upset about this than I am some real-life break-ups.


The first hint was in a clip shown at the Television Critics Association press tour, which showed Mulder and Scully having a huge fight, which included Mulder trying to convince her that some conspiracy was man — not alien — made. And Scully? Scully refers to herself as Mulder’s “friend and partner.” Entertainment Weekly then got confirmation from a source that the two aren’t in a relationship anymore.

Back in the past, middle school me just got really depressed and she doesn’t know why. What a sad day for the fandom that made “shipper” and “shipping” popular terms. Whatever. We’ll always have MSR fic.


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Complete non-sequitur.

I just saw a youtube-ad for what looked like a National Lampoon’s Vacation re-boot, and the “This movie was great!”-quotes were from random schlubs on twitter.

Is this really what the movie studios have sunk to? For shame. :(