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Sorry Jack Black, not even Star Wars jokes can save Gulliver's Travels

Illustration for article titled Sorry Jack Black, not even Star Wars jokes can save Gullivers Travels

The latest TV spot for Jack Black's Gulliver's Travels comedy is out. This time it has even more insane Star Wars jokes, but we're still not digging it.


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It... I don't know. It doesn't look like a good film, but honestly, judging from these trailers, I've probably seen worse. Okay, so they turned Gulliver's Travels into a silly farce. So? It was a work of satire to begin with, and one that also mocked an entire then-popular genre of sea stories. You can't really expect a modern audience to pick up on the things it actually satirized, so might as well make it a farce. That probably fits the intended tone better than an overly serious approach would have, anyway. I'm sure it will have some cringe-worthy horrible moments, as most modern comedies do, but... Meh. What's so especially horrid, here?

On the other hand, maybe if it was presented without comment I'd agree it's really that bad, but all the negative responses just encourage me to be contrary. :P