Mutant Chronicles and its blend of space mutants, megacorp technocracies, and bizarre demonic forces has been in developer limbo for years, but as this gallery of stunning Paul Bonner art shows, it's ready to make a grand return.

British publisher Modiphius Entertainment has taken control of the Mutant Chronicles license, reading the game's long-awaited 3rd edition by way of the obligatory Kickstarter campaign (already successful by a wide margin). They recently announced that designer Jay Little would be taking the lead — you may recognize his name from the recent Star Wars: Edge of Empire RPG, among others.

Mutant Chronicles is a little hard to describe. It feels a little bit like Shadowrun, a little bit like Warhammer 40K, and a little bit like Rifts. It has that blend of corporate dystopia and unleashed magic, but also crazy sci-fi concepts like a demon portal being discovered on a planet out past Pluto. No artist captures the world of Mutant Chronicles quite like Paul Bonner, and Modiphius shared this gallery of his work with us to show off what they've got in store for the 3rd edition.