Late last week, a group of marijuana enthusiasts claimed that they had used a balloon to send a capsule of pot seeds, a plant, and a joint into space. Yeah, dream on, guys — and lay off the Pineapple kush.

TheSeedHub claims that their balloon reached a final altitude of 95,000 feet (19 miles) before it popped. Which, as you'll see in the video, is pretty damned high. But space? No. And not by a long shot.


According to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the Karman line — the point where space begins — is at an altitude of 62 miles (327,360 feet). NASA, on the other hand, gives a generous (if not arbitrary) figure of 50 miles (264,00 feet). Either way, 19 miles falls far short of both.

As aside, Felix Baumgartner reached a height of 128,000 feet (24.2 miles) last year for his world record jump. Also very far, far away from space.

To get into space you kinda need this thing called a rocket...

[Via The Weed Blog]