Sorcerer's Apprentice turns Nic Cage into Mickey Mouse

When we found out that Disney was making a live action Sorcerer's Apprentice with Nic Cage as the creepy-haired old man wizard, we knew the famous "mops scene" from Fantasia was inevitable. And here it is.

So what do you think - homage or horror?

Clearly, this is a "geared towards the kiddies" moment, and no doubt they will laugh at Jay Baruchel's amiable haplessness. But we're still holding out for the Nic Cage riding a large metal eagle over New York moment. But basically anything with Cage doing ridiculous magic is a win for us all, isn't it?


Sorcerer's Apprentice hits theaters July 14th.

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Ok, just - for one second I thought this might be cool. But now seriously - they are ACTUALLY going for the mop scene, that is just - stupid in a real-action movie.

(And I'm not even going to the point that the whole Nic Cage movie is thus based on one of the most famous and revered German poems from the absolute height of German language and culture... it makes me sad.)

But seriously - you should give it a try and read it - it doesn't have Nic cage in it! (Linking to a bi-lingual version, of course)