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Despite conflicting reports, the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation is obviously the best starship that Starfleet has ever built. That alone makes this Enterprise Bluetooth speaker worth the $80 asking price. But sweetening the pot is a secret feature that turns the device into a soothing, Star Trek-themed white noise machine.


The speaker’s battery will power its LED lights, wireless Bluetooth connection to your phone, and blasting tunes for anywhere from six to eight hours before the ship’s warp core will need recharging. It might not sound as amazing as Apple’s HomePod does, but we’d rather have this detailed replica perched on the corner of our desk.


The HomePod is also lacking a feature that ThinkGeek originally introduced on one of its April Fools’ day products a couple of years ago. At the push of a button, this speaker will play the quiet hum of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s warp engines for a full hour while you relax, or drift off to sleep.

The speaker includes other sound effects you can trigger as well, like torpedo blasts, warp acceleration, and self-destruct warnings, but good luck trying to fall asleep at night when you’re worried about your spaceship exploding.


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