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Battlestar Galactica may have been more of a critical hit than a ratings smash, but its producers are getting ready to spread its science fiction recipe, mixing grit and soap opera, through a bunch of more high-profile venues. David Eick is already signed to work on a TV series based on P.D. James' Children Of Men, and Ron Moore is writing a prequel to The Thing and a TV movie called Virtuality. And they're both working on the BSG prequel TV movie Caprica, and might be involved in a resulting series. But now, it turns out both creators will be much, much busier than that.


Moore just signed a deal to write and produce an original science fiction movie trilogy for United Artists, the resurrected production company that wants to create its own home-grown franchises. No word on what the trilogy will be called, or what it's about. New UA CEO Paula Wagner worked with him 10 years ago, when he co-wrote Mission Impossible II, which she produced.


As for Eick, he just signed a two-year development deal with NBC/Universal, on the heels of his failed Bionic Woman reboot. He's going to work on reinventing another, as yet unnamed, Universal franchise. But he's also working on two other projects, which scarcely sound science fictional at all: AKA, a "family adventure" that he describes as Little Miss Sunshine meets Thelma And Louise, and another series that's "sort of a modern-day Hart To Hart." [Hollywood Reporter and Variety, via Wes]

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