Sony's Black Cat/Silver Sable Movie Might Have a New Name and a New Director

Images: Marvel Comics.
Images: Marvel Comics.

Sony’s Marvel Universe—yeah, that’s still a terrible name, right?—is making some big moves lately. While the Venom movie recently found its host, the studio’s other planned film, starring Spidey supporting characters Black Cat and Silver Sable, might have just landed itself a director in the form of Gina Prince-Bythewood.

The Hollywood Reporter also notes that the film has a new title, Silver and Black, which honestly kind of sounds weirdly like you’re trying to sell people a comic book movie while trying to hide the fact it’s a comic book movie.

Prince-Bythewood, who directed and wrote The Secret Life of Bees, will reportedly enter production on the film later this year, for a currently undisclosed release date—unlike Venom, which is currently due out in October next year. We’ll bring you more on Silver and Black as we learn it.

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This movie makes no sense.