Sony's Already Making A Film of the Not-Yet-Released Comic Descender

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We keep on hearing of film studios planning movies for unreleased movies, and now the trend's extending to the deserving world of comics. Sony came out on top of a bidding war for the rights to Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen's Descender.


Both Lemire (writer) and Nguyen (artist) will be on hand to produce the adaptation, along with Josh Bratman (Fright Night). The comic, the first issue of which is due March 4th, is a space opera taking place in a future where all things robotic and artificial intelligence are hunted down and destroyed. The protagonist is TIM-21, who develops awareness and whose life on a distant mining colony ends when he becomes the target of the bounty hunters tasked with bringing him down. TIM-21's qualities supposedly make him the bearer of galactic destruction, so he and the usual crew of motley companions are on the run.

[Cinema Blend]

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The comic looks interesting, at least. Well, except for the "galactic destruction" bit.

Why would they buy the film rights, though? I mean, I know it's Jeff Lemire, but still, why not wait to see if it's even popular first?