Sony Will Bring The Wheel of Time to TV

Image: Path of Daggers cover art by Darrell K. Sweet
Image: Path of Daggers cover art by Darrell K. Sweet

Is the long, weird saga of Wheel of Time’s journey to television is seemingly over? After that bizarro pilot that lead to legal troubles and the final but very vague announcement the legendary fantasy series would come to TV properly after all, we now know it’ll be Sony who will be responsible for bringing Robert Jordan’s world to life.


Both IGN and Variety have released reports this morning stating that Sony will be adapting the 14-novel series, as part of a deal with Red Eagle Entertainment and Radar Pictures, while Rafe Judkins, who has credits on Agents of SHIELD, Chuck, and Hemlock Grove, will write and produce. This is the first update since roughly this time last year when Jordan’s widow, Harriet McDougal, confirmed that the series had landed at “a major studio.”

One hard part of the series’ journey to TV may be over, but the monumental task of bringing this sprawling epic to life on the small screen is just beginning. God knows how long it’ll be until we start to see the fruits of Sony’s labor, but we’ll bring you more on the Wheel of Time TV series when we learn it.


Clarification: This post earlier stated Variety as the sole source on this news. It has been updated to clarify IGN’s involvement in breaking this story. 

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Finally! Series gets a lot of hate and it does have its problems but I think the usual trimming down that TV shows do should fix at least some of them. Maybe they can also play around and fix some of Robert Jordan’s weird ideas about interactions between men and women.

It’ll be nice to see something a bit higher fantasy then Game of Thrones on tv.