Sony wants to release a Spider-Man-related movie. Every. Single. Year.

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Too much Spider-Man is not enough — at least, not according to Sony. The studio says it wants to release a Spider-Man movie, or a Spidey spinoff, every year. Like clockwork. Because with a great media property comes great overkill.

This fact comes from a Variety article about the fact that Sony needs more big properties — with the disappointing performance of films like After Earth, White House Down and other films, Sony has been hurting lately. The studio has high hopes for Amazing Spider-Man 2, coming this summer — but Variety quotes some stock analysts who say that the studio relies too much on Spider-Man and needs to diversify.

In response, though, Sony says it's just going to rely even more on Spider-Man. Co-chair Amy Pascal says: "We are expanding the 'Spider-Man' universe into 'The Sinister Six' and 'Venom,' so that we have 'Spider-Man' movies every year." Alex Kurtzman is directing Venom, from a script he co-wrote with longtime collaborator Roberto Orci, plus Ed Solomon. Drew Goddard is writing a Sinister Six film, and may direct as well. Marc Webb is once again directing Amazing Spider-Man 3, due out in 2016.


Obviously the "Spider-Man movie every year" notion is an attempt to copy Marvel, which is doing a couple movies per year, or Fox, which is ramping up the frequency of X-Men and other superhero films. But the problem is, Spider-Man is just one hero — and his supporting cast, although rich and complex, is clearly a supporting cast. The only Spidey character who could even remotely carry a movie is Venom, and it would have to be pretty brilliant to avoid feeling like a waste of time. Spidey just doesn't have a deep enough bench, by himself, to compare with "the X-Men and Fantastic Four micro-universes," or "all the rest of Marvel."

Meanwhile, Sony is pushing ahead with a third Smurfs movie, which will be entirely animated this time. And a Goosebumps movie. And another James Bond film, which the studio is co-financing. So there is that. [via Slashfilm]

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Katharine Trendacosta

I'm exhausted just reading this. Also, how long can they keep hold of Andrew Garfield before they have to either reboot or recast, and the idea of single universe for all of thse falls apart?