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When you think of the greatest romance stories of all time, there are only two that are incontestably at the top: William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and, of course, Frank Miller's historical war fantasy 300. Which is no doubt why Sony plans to combine the two love epics in a single movie.


Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The studio is in final negotiations to pick up Verona, the fair city which is the setting of William Shakespeare'sRomeo and Juliet, a spec by Neil Widener and Gavin James that retells that tale. [...]

Exact details are being kept more clandestine than a love affair between two teens from opposing Italian families, but the script is said to reimagine the classic love story through a lens of an epic, 300-style world. 300 was the gritty and fantastical Zack Snyder movie that adapted the Frank Miller comic book miniseries that retold a battle between Greeks vs. Persians in a stylized and heightened reality.


No, people! 300 was obviously love story between a man and his wife, who he abandoned to his political enemies in order to go on a suicidal mission — wait, that's not right. It's about the love that only totally cut men wearing loincloths can feel — no, hold on. Maybe it's a love story between a giant body-piercing fetishist and his harem of disfigured slaves? Look, 300 is definitely a love story, I just can't remember how. Just trust me.

Between this and the "romantic" version of 1984 that's set to star Kristen Stewart, we may be entering a golden age of material being adapted in unbelievably inappropriate ways. I eagerly look forward to the inevitable announcement of Stephen King's The Shining reworked as a romantic comedy, possibly starring Megan Fox.

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