Sony Might Be Making a Salt TV Show

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Sony is pitching a TV adaptation of 2010's Salt—which has a natural plot for a show but the timing forces me to ask “Why so soon?”


In case you don’t remember because Salt came out six years ago, the spy film starred Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Salt, a CIA operative who is revealed to be a Russian sleeper agent. The end of the film has Salt promising to hunt down the rest of the sleeper agents, which could easily be the premise of the show. She hunts down a different agent every couple of weeks. It would pair very well with Blacklist.

Sony is talking up the show at the European Film Market, looking for broadcasters and co-production partners to help them get this off the ground. A European co-production would help them share the costs but is still a slightly weird choice. Although, if it allows a spy show to travel to Europe, it’s probably a great one.


Salt is more proof that every movie is just a TV pilot waiting to happen.

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But who would replace Angelina Jolie? First thought was Jaime Alexander, but shes doing Blindspot...