Sony Just Realized Seth Rogen Looks Nothing Like Green Hornet

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Rumor has it Sony's upset that Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry turned in an ultra-campy Green Hornet movie. Um, they know they hired Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry, right? They're also reportedly perturbed that Rogen doesn't look the part.


Sony is upset that their movie about a man who fights crime in a full suit with a mask, hangs out all day with his manservant, rides around in a massive Pontiac with machine gun-like weapons attached to the hood, and whose weapon of choice is called the "Hornet's Sting," is too campy.

IESB is reporting that:

Sony executives are displeased with the results. The tone is too campy, they're not happy with the work from director Michel Gondry, and Seth Rogen does not look the part. At all. In fact, the feeling at Sony is the movie is a disaster.

We can forgive them for not knowing anything about Green Hornet's proud heritage. But really, they're upset about Seth Rogen's appearance now? YEARS after they cast him in the film? Might want to call this one a loss, Sony — you're going up against Tron Legacy in December anyway. We're still excited to see Michel Gondry's take on the superhero genre, but didn't everybody have some inkling this director's mixture of edginess and whimsy would lead to a not-entirely-serious take on the film? Especially after he started rapping about it?



"It will be a desaster. And we at Sony Pictures can't have that. Our Superhero-movies are CLASSY!"