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Could the first major, modern female-starring superhero movie come from the Spider-Man universe? It will if Sony has its way. Deadline reports the studio is readying a superheoine-led movie for 2017, after 2016's Sinister Six film — although who it will star is anybody's guess.


Deadline mentions "Silver Sable, Black Cat, Stunner, Firestarter [they mean Spidey's amazing friend Firestar] and Spider-Woman" as possibilities, but I can't seriously imagine Sony would have the balls to make a movie with characters as minor as Silver Sable, Stunner or Firestar as leads. I guess Black Cat is a possibility, for a sexy thief/Entrapment kind of film, but even that seems unlikely. No, I'd put my money on Sony giving Spider-Woman a try to see if that's the fresh take they need to rejuvenate the Spider-franchise, regardless of the fact that neither of the Spider-Women (Jessica Drew or Julia Carpenter) have anything to do with Spider-Man other than their names.

Now, whether they'll feel the need to connect Spider-Woman to Peter Parker and the existing films or if they'll just try and bank on the "Spider-" name and a sexy costume remains to be seen. But it sure will be weird if Sony's the one who makes the first major superheroine movie in the modern superhero movie era, won't it?


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