Sony Is Eyeing Vin Diesel for Its Live Action Adaptation of Valiant's Bloodshot

Image: Valiant, Getty Images
Image: Valiant, Getty Images

Valiant is determined to turn itself into a household name by getting into the live-action comic book adaptation with a Sony-produced Bloodshot film. After initial rumors surfaced that the studio was looking to cast Jared Leto in the lead role (lord) new reports suggests that Vin Diesel might be Valiant’s super-soldier.

According to The Wrap, Sony is looking at Diesel to lead its film about a man brought back from the brink of death using experimental nanite technology that imbues him with strength, speed, and a healing factor. In the comics, Bloodshot is created in order to track down a series of rogue metahumans with fantastical abilities and Sony is reportedly looking to produce an R-rated adaptation of the source material that sticks close to the books. This means that if the movie ends up performing anywhere near as well as the dark films Sony is supposedly looking to emulate, like Deadpool and Logan, Bloodshot could guarantee the future success of the larger shared cinematic universe for Valiant.

Bloodshot is set to be helmed by freshman director Dave Wilson (he’s previously worked in special effects) and the film’s script, written by Arrival’s Eric Heisserer, is said to be in the same vein as ‘80s scifi classics like Terminator and RoboCop. What with Disney gobbling up Fox and potentially erasing whatever hope there was for a future filled with R-rated superhero movies, Bloodshot may be just the thing to keep everyone happy when the film eventually makes it to theaters.


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Why not just get the Rock? Or Jason Momoa? I mean, I love Diesel, but there’s a few other doods I would rather see in the role.