Sony Desperately Tries To Start Sinister Six Hype With This ASM2 Extra

Looking forward to the Sinister Six movie? Then Sony would like you to know that if you buy the DVD or Blu-ray of Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie at Target, you'll get a special disc with a featurette that previews the villain-centric film in a hilariously uninformative way.


If this preview of the preview is any indication, "Something Sinister This Way Comes" going to talk obliquely about the movie in general and Spider-Man's various villains in particular — I sincerely doubt it will reveal any concrete information on the Six's line-up, for instance. Given that ASM2's DVD/Blu-ray hits on August 19th, and the Sinister Six movie isn't due out until November of 2016, I doubt Sony knows who the line-up is either, at this point. And I definitely don't think we can accept the use of footage of Sandman or Venom from the Raimi Spider-trilogy as any proof that they'll be making it into S6.

But hey, if you're a big fan of ASM2 or Spidey villains, at least now you know you should maybe buy your copy at Target. And how desperate Sony is to keep you interested in the Amazing Spidey-verse, too.

[Via Cinema Blend]


Platypus Man

I can't be the only one chuckling seeing this next to the "Why Are So Few People Left-Handed?" article, right?