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Check out the weird trailer for Vanishing Waves, a Lithuanian erotic science fiction film that just got U.S. distribution. In this film, a neuroscientist volunteers to test a new treatment that allows him to go inside the thoughts of a coma patient, resulting in trippy and sexual imagery. It's NSFW!

The film-makers say they're influenced by The Cell and Inception, but also by Almodovar — which is pretty obvious when you look at the style of the imagery. This looks pretty intense and emotional, and let's hope it actually has a compelling story. The film just debuted in the U.S. at Fantastic Fest, and Collider's Matt Goldberg has a review:

Buozyte has created a wonderful mix of genres with Vanishing Waves. It's science fiction, it's a mystery, and it's a psychosexual drama. But above all, it's a love story. It's not a simple love story by any stretch, but it's one that perfectly balances the emotional with the intellectual. Vanishing Waves raises some mind-bending questions regarding the nature of love, and it has no easy answers for the audience. However, it's philosophizing never comes off as cold or clinical because we're completely sold on the relationship between Lukas and the woman. Their emotions are the only lifeline we have in the strange dream space between them.

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