Probably the weirdest Stephen King short story is "The Revelations Of Becka Paulson," where a housewife shoots herself in the brain and then sticks a pencil in the bullet hole. Afterwards, she can hear Jesus talking to her. It's the story that converted me into a rabid King fan, so I was psyched when I saw the 1990s Outer Limits series had made the story into an episode. And you can see for yourself, they kept the pencil-brain scene intact. (Don't watch if the sight of a pencil going into someone's brain distresses you.) The TV version keeps the King story, originally taken from Tommyknockers, remarkably intact, all told. The main change is that instead of Jesus, it's just a random model in a picture frame talking to her. But they kept the part where the frame guy/Jesus tells her that her husband is cheating on her. And the sequence where the guy tells her that her husband put half a can of laxative in his boss' coffee, so the boss pooped his pants in front of everyone. And, of course, the guy telling Becka to kill her husband. Here's another brief freaky moment: