Sarah Jane Smith is stuck in 1951, and everything seems lost... until she spots a familiar blue box, in this clip from the latest Sarah Jane Adventures. I couldn't help getting my hopes up, even though the Police Box looked slightly off... but at least Sarah Jane learned once again that she can't rely on anyone else to save the universe... other than her small army of kids, that is. Spoilers ahead. The latest SJA two parter, "Temptation Of Sarah Jane," was just as much of a weak copy of the Doctor Who episode "Father's Day" as we'd all expected. Instead of Rose saving her dad from a car accident, it was Sarah Jane saving both her parents from a car accident. And unlike Rose, who was a newbie time traveler dropped in the deep end, Sarah Jane knew just what she was doing and did it anyway. As usual, though, the chemistry between the main cast members elevated the material quite a bit. I love Clyde figuring out he's stuck in an evil alternate present and dealing with it, and Rani showing up in the past and saying, "Hello, ethnic person in 1951." Ha. I have to admit, though, I'm not liking season two quite as much as season one — it's just not feeling quite as much fun this time around, and Sarah Jane isn't getting to be quite as awesome. Still, next week's reunion with the Brigadier looks like it'll be everything we could hope for.