Something For Everyone Who Likes Awesome In This Week's Comics

Stop now, what's that sound? It may just be the stampede of new books hitting comic stores tomorrow - As we get closer to San Diego Comic-Con, publishers are stepping up their game, and tomorrow's haul includes first issues, final issues, deaths and resurrections and all manner of exciting things to make your hump day worthwhile. Join us under the jump, why don't you?

It really is an embarrassment of riches in this week's new releases. Take, for example, the vampire lover. Usually, they're stuck with some randomly generic goth-lite indie book to feed their fetishes, but this week, they can choose from the Brian K. Vaughan-written Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8: No Future For You (It's the Faith-centric arc, and very good it is, too, first issue of a brand new sequel to The Lost Boys (no, really), The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs, or Jessica Abel (and friends)'s slice-of-life take on the genre in the graphic novel Life Sucks. How often does that happen?


It's also time to catch up on a lot of books we've featured here in the past:

  • Matt Fraction's Casanova finishes its current run with #14,
  • Chris Claremont's "Children of the X-Men" series GeNext launches,
  • you can fulfill your Tony Stark-isms with The All-New Iron Manual,
  • Bruce Wayne meets his end (possibly) in Batman #676 (the first chapter of Grant Morrison's Batman R.I.P., and you can also pick up a hardcover slab of Bat-foreshadowing with Batman: The Resurrection of Ras Al Ghul, collecting an earlier Morrison storyline),
  • Geoff Johns' Booster Gold has its first issues collected in the new 52 Pick-Up hardcover,
  • and you can see whether Marvel Comics are afraid of nipples or not in the first issue of Euro-import Sky Doll.

But, surprisingly, that's not all there is to pick up!


For example, you could get your Ed Norton on in advance of next month's movie with the special edition Giant Size Incredible Hulk, which brings you up to speed on the recent history of the jade giant before everyone starts talking, once again, about how they just can't make a good movie out of his comic. If that doesn't satisfy your appetite for greens, then there are also collections of two recent mini-series, World War Hulk: Gamma Corps and World War Hulk: X-Men to show you big green men being scary. Or maybe the first issue of space-bound superheroes Guardians of The Galaxy would be your thing? Remember, they have a talking raccoon. With guns.

Best value for money this week, though, is probably Vertigo: First Cut, a $4.99 collection of the first issues of a number of series published by DC Comics' "mature" imprint, including Western Loveless, New York-dystopic love letter DMZ and M*A*S*H for the 21st Century, Army@Love. If that's not enough for you, then there's also a sneak preview of Air, an upcoming new series from the imprint, included. What more could you want for (slightly, just) less than $5, as long as you don't think about tax?


Just like every other week, you can find the full shipping list to stores here, and then find out where to find the damn stores to shop in here. Just remember that $5 can't barely buy you a Happy Meal these days, is all I'm saying.

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