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Someone's In Major, Major Trouble In This Newest Walking Dead Trailer

Well. I don't know if the footage in this latest trailer for the fifth season of The Walking Dead constitutes a spoiler or not, but I do know this — it seems to stress that a major character is going to die, and soon, and unfortunately this is best discussed after the jump. Spoilers!


Obviously, everyone is in some kind of distress in the trailer, but it's Glenn you should especially be worried about. What makes his predicament so omnious as compared to the constant rumors of all the other TWD cast members dying is that Glenn also (fairly) recently died in the comic, and he did so when someone took a bat to his head. And now there's this:

Illustration for article titled Someones In Major, Major Trouble In This Newest emWalking Dead/em Trailer

This could be a fake-out for the comic fans, but even if he survives this scene I wouldn't put much money on Glenn making it to the end of the season. If the rumor that Maggie is pregnant is true, then Glenn dying tragically is pretty standard storytelling procedure.

On the other hand, I can't imagine The Walking Dead writers voluntarily adding another baby to the group of survivors. But whether that gives Glenn any additional safety is beyond me.

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Is Bob dead when Garth is staring at Rick while Rick is gagged? In the scene before, Bob is pleading for Garth to reconsider, then it flashes to a scene of Garth smiling at Rick with his hand on the nape of Bob's neck, and Bob isn't moving.

Also, depending on the order of the scenes, Glenn is shown out in the wild with the rest of the group, AND shown having a dude introduce him to Lucile Lite. Is the gagged scene farther along in the season than I assume and the group is re-captured, or does Bob's speech save Glenn's life, while costing his own?