Someone went and built a Portal minigolf course

To celebrate his ten-thousandth day on this planet, Tom Scott got together with some friends to create this marvelously fun 12-hole miniature golf course. Along with holes based on Minecraft, the Wii controller, and the British game show Crystal Maze, Scott's friend Tom Wyatt constructed a series of holes dedicated to the venerable mad science video game Portal.

Wyatt built Arduino-controlled turrets that stop incoming balls, a hole recreating the game's namesake portals, and "The Aperture Science Companion Sphere Incinerator." Says Scott of the final hole, "Inside, a bright DMX light, speaker and fog machine created the illusion of a furnace: and yes, the only way to get your ball back was to reach in." This course will briefly be open to the public at the Derby Maker Faire starting June 3.


[Via Hack A Day]



Will it shoot some of the balls into space?