I’m surprised it took nearly two full days for the internet to get on this, but finally, one kind-hearted soul named 43eyes has set the silliest scene of last weekend’s The Walking Dead. It is somehow even better than you’d imagined.

I prophesied this in my Walking Dead recap yesterday morning. However, guessing that someone would put Rick, Daryl, and new character Jesus’ ridiculous chase sequence to the legendary “Yakety Sax” was pretty much like prophesying that the sun would rise in the East tomorrow morning.


Still, look at how amazing this is. Please note that I don’t think a single frame of the sequence has been altered for the video, it just matches the music that perfectly. If they had actually filmed the scene specifically for the song it couldn’t be any better. It’s like they did plan on using it the entire time they shot the footage, and then edited the scene to fit the music specifically, and then had to take it out at the last second, possibly because it was just too good.

I know dark things are coming in this season of The Walking Dead. I’m pretty sure this makes up for all of it.

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