Someone Needs To Turn This Delightful Webcomic Into An Animated Series

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Brianne Drouhard is an artist and animator who, among other things, designed and directed DC Nation's recent Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld shorts. Her webcomic, Harpy Gee, is every bit as charming, and would be perfect fodder for its own animated series.


Harpy is an adventurer who is traveling with her magical goblin cat, Pumpkin, when she breaks her sword fighting a gelatinous snail creature. She wanders into the town of Podunkello to find an item shop run by the chirpy witch doctor Opal and decides to stay, helping Opal run the shop. She quickly gets entangled with the cranky Prince Humphrey, and her warrior skills come in handy sooner than she expected.

Drouhard puts a playful spin on the fantasy adventurer story (the main character's name, Harpy Gee, is actually a gaming pun), and the comic is filled with fun little surprises that I don't want to spoil. If you've seen Drouhard's illustrations and animations, Harpy Gee's lively art style and soft color palette may be familiar, but that's only part of the comic's charms. Her characters are instantly likable, whether they're insulting dragons, making presents, blackmailing people, or being grumpy about parties. And their adventures are, thus far, delightfully off-kilter, the sort of thing we'd love to watch week after week in animated form. But we're glad we at least get to read it in webcomic form.

Incidentally, if you haven't seen Drouhard's Amethyst shorts, go watch them now. Her take on the DC comic heroine is incredible fun.

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Neat! It sort of looks like Adventure Time meets the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. (wish I could post a gif right now... *scratches arm in alarming addict way*)