Someone Mapped Out Every Quantum Leap Scott Bakula Has Ever Done

Image: NBC
Image: NBC

We could be getting a Quantum Leap movie in the future, but for now the television series is still the primary leap Sam Beckett has taken. And if you’re wondering just how many times Scott Bakula leapt before what might be one of the most-depressing endings ever shown on television, here’s a map that lays out just how many places he was forced to go before his final leap home... that never happened.

Journalist Josh Jones created an interactive map for Special Request magazine that traces every leap Sam Beckett took during Quantum Leap’s series run, with every episode title and description available for those who want to match the leap with the location.

Using Google Maps, Jones marks a total 93 leaps across five seasons, with the second season having the most leaps out of all of them (22, one more than every following season). Most of them took place in the United States, though there were a few in Europe, along with one in Egypt and another in Japan. But it looks like Sam never managed to leap to Central America, South America, or Australia. What, were there no koalas who needed help?


Creator Donald Bellisario recently announced that he’s written a script for a Quantum Leap movie, but no word whether anything will come of it. If they do decide to make it a movie, looks like they’ve got the ultimate Cliff’s Notes in the form of this map right here. You can check it out below.

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I really do not understand why people seem to think this was the most depressing ending to a show. Sam never returned home because he learned in the last episode that he was controlling where he leapt into all the time. He continued to spend his lifetime helping others and making their lives better. Is that selfless sacrifice somehow depressing? I think not.