Illustration for article titled Someone loved the emDark Knight Rises/em Bane costume enough to get it as a tattoo

Look, we love The Dark Knight just as much as the next person. But perhaps getting a permanent tattoo of Bane 330 days before The Dark Knight Rises opens isn't the best idea. But we admire their moxie!


We know that many of you feel that Chris Nolan can do no wrong, but I would be pretty pissed if Bane was killed off in the first 4 minutes of the movie after I got a tattoo emblazoning his image on my body. We have no doubt that 50 years down the road this tattoo will continue to dominate in the "bad decisions" contests in the retirement home. Or maybe this is just the first of many, and the owner will have the last laugh when the Bane face tat goes big in 2012. Who knows?

Discovered by the Official Bane Fan Twitter via Badass Digest.

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