Someone is finally going to make 6-inch Firefly action figures

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And that someone is Funko, who we previously told you would be making 6-inch, articulated Game of Thrones figures. And they'll be releasing new Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures too, all due in 2014. I highly suggest saving any cash you might receive as gifts during the holidays — gonna be an expensive year.


Remember, although Funko has made excellent bobbleheads and those super-popular PoP! vinyl figures, they have absolutely no record for making 6-inch, articulated action figures. they could be great, they could be godawful, or (more likely) they could be anywhere in-between. Still, Firefly action figures! Only 10 years after the show was unceremoniously canceled! That's not bad news at all.

Funko also announced Firefly and Buffy PoP! figures (which will probably sell like hotcakes) as well as Ghostbusters and Arrested Development PoP! figures. See? I told you 2014 is going to be an expensive year.

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I clicked this article in front of a friend, and she said "Oh! Like the Avengers?"

When I looked perplexed she showed me what she was thinking, and we realized she had totally misread the title.

My mental train of thought is completely ruined now.