Someone Is Blogging Late 1950s-Early 1960s Science Fiction In Real Time

What if there was a blogger tackling the history of science fiction at the end of the Golden Age, as it happened? It would look a lot like the Galactic Journey blog, over on Dreamwidth.

The blog started on Oct. 21, 2013 — covering events on Oct. 21, 1958 as if they were happening now. There are reviews of the "latest" issues of the pulp science fiction magazines, as well as ruminations about life "one year after Sputnik." And recaps of Twilight Zone episodes as they air. The author isn't afraid to call out some authors for their misogyny, but also for lapses in writing quality. There's also an article hailing "brand new writer" Harry Harrison.


The whole thing is incredibly entertaining, and a great window into what it might have been like to live through the dawn of the Space Age, and yet be able to blog about it. [Galactic Journey, h/t Danny!]

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