Someone Forgot to Give Stan Lee a Hat

Image: Still via YouTube
Image: Still via YouTube

This is not even the most bizarre snapshot from a new behind-the-scenes video for’s collaboration with Marvel, the graphic novel Masters of the Sun, which is also being turned into an AR experience. But it is the only one where Stan Lee looks wildly envious of the hat game on display all around him, and that’s delightful.

But yes, Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles—, Benjamin Jackendoff, and Damion Scott’s Marvel graphic novel about a future L.A. beset by both an alien invasion and a zombie virus outbreak at the same time—is being upgraded into an augmented reality digital comic experience, and in doing so, is gaining a truly absurd cast of voice actors. Joining Stan Lee as the book’s narrator are names like Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, Flavor Flav, Jason Isaacs, Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Rosario Dawson, Queen Latifah, Jaden Smith, and many, many more, who appear in the below video not just as voice talent but also people reacting to holding up an iPhone in front of a comic book and looking mildly impressed:

Seriously, come for the insanity that is Masters of the Sun, stay for the shots of people holding up an iPhone to a comic book, then using their free hand to hold up another phone to that iPhone. And also the very good hats that are not on Stan Lee’s head.


Masters of the Sun and its AR experience are available from November 24.

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Huell Howitzer

Stan Lee is probably old enough to remember when it was rude or even a bit bizarre to wear a hat inside...perhaps he was offered one.