Someone actually bothered to debunk the idea of a Sharknado

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AccuWeather wants you to know that you need not live in fear of shark-bearing tornadoes. The weather site debunks not only the idea of sharks attacking humans from a tornado, but also some of the other odd weather patterns in Syfy's Sharknado movie.


AccuWeather wastes no time getting to the meat of its debunkery, the Sharknado itself:

A tornado would not have the ability to sweep up marine life. Traditionally, a tornado is formed over land where a similar formation over water would be known as a waterspout. Understandably, "Shark-Spout" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Greg Skomal, a Shark Specialist at the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries, also shoots down the "Sharknado" plot by explaining that: "The concept that sharks cannot only survive being swept up in a tornado but also attack humans is absurd."


Shark-Spout? Now you're just giving Syfy sequel ideas. But the article goes on to prod at the massive hurricane seen hitting Los Angeles in the movie and the movie's claim that climate change leads to Sharknados.

“Sharknado” Debunked: Ridiculous Plotpoints Exposed [AccuWeather via Geekosystem]

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I guess now they're going to say that you can't collapse tornados by throwing bombs at it from a nearby helicopter as well.