Somehow, There's Going to Be a Sequel to Lucy.

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From a pure profit perspective, a sequel to Lucy makes some sense. But from a story perspective? Nope.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp announced at CineEurope that there would be a sequel to last year’s Lucy. Given that movie made over $450 million at the box office on a $40 million budget, it’s not wholly surprising that they’d try to recapture that success with a sequel.

Of course, what Lucy 2 could look like is a complete mystery. The best part of the movie by far was Scarlett Johansson’s performance, and — without getting too deep into spoilers — her return would have to be limited. Besson’s directing could make another entertaining ride, but who knows how good the script would be? Lightning just might not strike twice.

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