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Somehow, Krypton's Lobo Is Getting His Own Spinoff Show

Lobo’s latest bounty? His own TV show.
Lobo’s latest bounty? His own TV show.
Image: Syfy

Syfy’s little corner of the DC universe (not to be confused with DC Universe) is getting a peculiar expansion.


Ahead of tonight’s sophomore return for Superman prequel show Krypton, TV Line reports that executive producer Cameron Welsh will script and produce a spinoff revolving around the last Czarnian...well, last only because he murdered the rest of them. That’s right: Lobo is going solo!

Lobo was created in the early ‘80s by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen for DC Comics, first as a villain before turning into an anti-hero with an affinity for space dolphins. While his time on Krypton will be his first live-action appearance (he was hinted at on the CW’s Supergirl), the character has popped up in several WB animated series, including Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Young Justiceto name a few.


While TV Line notes that this solo project—simply, and obviously, currently just titled Lobo—is being pitched as a spinoff of Krypton, where the manic and violent alien bounty hunter is being played by Constantine’s Emmett J. Scanlan, there’s no word yet as to whether or not Scanlan will reprise the role for the full series. It’d be...kind of awkward if that wasn’t the case?

Well, so would be greenlighting a Krypton spinoff series, let alone one about a character before he’s even made his debut on the show. And yet, here we are! Hopefully, you like Lobo when Krypton returns tonight on Syfy. If not... hey, remember when Warner Bros. wanted to hand him over to Michael Bay for a movie?

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