This is an electron micrograph of a leafcutter ant holding a gear that's just 0.1 mm wide. This astonishing image was created by Manfred Page, and it's just one of 100 great science images featured in a brand new exhibition by the Royal Photographic Society.

The RPS' International Images for Science Exhibition 2013 is going on right now in Newcastle. Check out a few of our favorite images below, and see more over at the BBC (here and here.)

Skeleton of a chameleon, photo by Dorit Hockman, University of Cambridge.

Sunflower of Jasper by Bernardo Cesare with Università Di Padova, Italy. This is a twice-polarised light micrograph

Embryonic development of the Black Mastiff Bat, by Dorit Hockman, University of Cambridge.

Over-inflated water balloon bursting, photo by Ted Kinsman.

Tardigrade, or Water Bear, photographed by Nicole Ottawa

Coffee being roasted, photographed by Nicole Ottawa

Red blood cell infected with malaria, photograph by Steven Morton.